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All-Purpose Cleaners
Zip Kleen
Sure Clean
Rug & Upholstery Cleaner
Natures Best

Motor Wash & Degreasers
Formula One
Grease Buster

Car Wash Soaps
Hi Suds NL
Hi-Foam Super Suds
Hi-Foam Type “S”
Wash Wax
Blue Max

Wheel  & Tire Cleaners
White Wall NL
Wire Wheel Cleaner
Professional Wire Wheel Cleaner
Sterling Wheel Brightener

Green Monster
AWS Wheel Cleaner

Rubber, Vinyl & Leather Dressings
Highlite Non-Silicone
Brilliant Silicone-Free Dressing
Trim & Bumper Gel
Super Shine All-Purpose Dressing
Accent Aerosol
Hi Liter Aerosol

Glass Cleaners
Glass Cleaner Concentrate
Aerosol Low Foam Glass Cleaner
Streak Proof Glass Cleaner
Non-Ammonia Glass Cleaner R.T.U.

Carpet Extractor Products
Extractor Shampoo
Carpet Pre-Spray Spotter
Re-Vive Deodorizer
Extractor Defoamer

Floor Cleaners
Powdered Floor Cleaners
Liquid Floor Cleaners
Floor Squeegees
Floor Brooms




Specialty Products
Gentle Giant
Lacquer Thinner
Slick “Non Silicone” Finish Spray
Clay Bars
Interior Car Scents Assorted
Big D Deodorizer
Fire D Bubble Gum Bombs
Air Master Deodorizer
Erase Spot Remover
Spray Paints
Car Wash Products

Total Release Deodorizers
Leather Cream Conditioner

Once-N-Done Polishing Compound
Final Detail
Quick Slick 2100
Foam Pad Glaze
Cleaner Wax

Auto Tech Products
Vibra-Cut Compound
Cherry Wax
PS 2000 Polymer Sealant
Foam Pad Glaze
V-Foam Carpet Cleaner
Carpet Fresh Odor Control

Collinite Waxes
Liquid Insulator Wax
Fleet Wax
Sapphire Color-up Pre Wax Cleaner
Leather and Vinyl Cleaner
Fiberglass Boat Wax
Super Double Coat Paste Wax
Marque D’Elegance Paste Wax

Mirror Glaze Products
#00 Hi-Tech Car Wash
#3 Machine Glaze
#6 Cleaner Wax
#7 Show Car Glaze
#9 Swirl Remover
#10 Plastic Polish
#17 Plastic Cleaner
#26 Yellow Paste Wax
#21 Synthetic Polymer Sealant
#28 All Metal Polish
#34 Final Inspection
#26 Hi-Tech Yellow Wax
#40 Vinyl & Leather
#83 Dual Action
#85 Diamond Cut Compound
#86 Solo Cut & Polish Cream
#100 Pro Speed Compound
Uni-Grit Wet Sand Paper


Brushes & Accessories
Car Wash Brushes
Van/Truck Brushes
Car Wash Poles/Handles
Horsehair Detail Brushes
Nylon Detail/Utility Brushes
Nylon Whitewall Brushes
Brass Whitewall Brushes
Scrub Brushes
Rug & Upholstery Brushes
Acid Brushes
Parts Cleaning Brushes
Spoke Brushes
Wheel & Rim Brushes
Fender Brushes
Detail Swabs
Wash Mitts
California Water Blades
Terry Wax Applicators
Foam Wax Applicators
Bug Block Sponges
Round Buffer Brushes
Pet Hair Removal Brushes
Lint Brushes

SEM Products
Bumper Coat
Trim Paint
Classic Coat Leather Dyes
Vinyl & Carpet Dyes

Prostripe Products
Wheel Lip
Door Edge Guards
O.E.M. Moldings
Right-On Applicator Solution
Molding Shears
Tape Slitter

Hand Cleaners
Hand Cleaners with Pumice
Hand Cleaner without Pumice
Citrus Pumice Lotion

Buffing Pads & Accessories
Velcro Compound Pads
Velcro Polish Pads
Bolt-On Compound Pads
Foam Polish Pads
Foam Compound Pads
Double-Sided Pads
DA Foam Pads
3” Buffing Pads & Accessories
Velcro® Hook & Loop Plates
Terry Bonnets
Micro Fiber Bonnets
Buffing Pad Spurs
Foam Pad Conditioning Brushes
® Pads

Shop Chemicals
Rubberized Undercoating
Fabric Protector


Equipment & Accessories
Makita, Hitachi &
DeWalt Buffers
Buffer Parts
Ozone Machines
Orbital Buffers
Orbital Parts & Accessories
Shop Vac Accessories
Vacuum Hoses
Air Carpet Shampooer
Heat Guns
Thermax Hot Water Extractors
Extractor Parts & Accessories


Miscellaneous Products
Plastic Seat Covers
Plastic Floor Mats
Steering Wheel Covers
Adhesive Floor Mats
Magno Plate Holders
Paper Floor Mats
Window Stickers
Key Tags
Car Fresheners
California Dusters
Trigger Sprayers
16 & 32 oz Bottles
Polish Dispensers
5 Gallon Dispensers
Razor Blades
Plastic Razor Blades
License Plate Accessories
Windshield Markers
50' H.D. Water Hoses
H.D. Water Nozzles
Micro Fiber Cloths
Miracle Mitts
Polishing Cloths
Steel Wool Sleeves & 5lb Rolls
Rubber Gloves
Nitrile Gloves
Safety Glasses
Dust Masks
Drum Pumps

Blue Huck Window Towels
Terry Towels

3M Products

Finesse It II
Perfect It II
Perfect It III
Super Duty Rubbing Compound
Imperial Hand Glaze
Paste Wax
Micro-Finishing Compound
Molding Repair Tape
Two Way Tape
Quick Fix Adhesive
Spray Adhesives
Scuff Pads
Sanding Blocks


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